Perelman School of Medicine

Study: Does When You Eat Matter More Than What You Eat?

November 14, 2012

Georgios Paschos and Garret FitzGerald of the Perelman School of Medicine are quoted about research conducted on mice that indicate that it matters when you eat rather than what you eat.

Article Source: The Philly Post

Heartburn on the Rise – and Scientists Aren’t Sure Why

November 15, 2012

David Metz of the Perelman School of Medicine comments about the increasing number of people developing heartburn.

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Bottoms Up! Report Reveals Our Boozy Calories

November 15, 2012

David Sarwer of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on consuming calories through alcoholic beverages.

Article Source: NBC News Health

The Moral Wedge in the GOP

November 16, 2012

Jonathan Moreno of the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts and Sciences blogs about the Republican Party.

Article Source: The Huffington Post

Penn Unlocks a Parkinson’s Puzzle Piece

November 16, 2012

Virginia M.-Y. Lee and Kelvin Luk of the Perelman School of Medicine are featured for their research about Parkinson’s disease.

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Later End-of-life Discussions May Mean More Aggressive Treatment

November 13, 2012

David Casarett of the Perlman School of Medicine is quoted about a study focused on the significance of end-of-life discussions on treatment strategies.

Article Source: US News

Alzheimer’s Tied to Mutation Harming Immune Response

November 14, 2012

Gerard Schellenberg of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on a study tied to an Alzheimer’s gene.

Article Source: New York Times

Chubby Mice Show Why Midnight Snacking Makes Us Fat

November 13, 2012

Georgios Paschos of the Perelman School of Medicine is cited for research about the effects of eating late at night.

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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | | 215-349-5658November 14, 2012

Penn Study: Targeting Downstream Proteins in Cancer-Causing Pathway Shows Promise in Cell, Animal Model

PHILADELPHIA — The cancer-causing form of the gene Myc alters the metabolism of mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, making it dependent on the amino acid glutamine for survival. In fact, 40 percent of all “hard-to-treat” cancers have a mutation in the Myc gene.

Accordingly, depriving cells of glutamine selectively induces programmed cell death in cells overexpressing mutant Myc.

Health Care Reform a Certainty Now, but Details Uncertain

November 11, 2012

Daniel Polsky of Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics discusses health-care reform.

Article Source: