Perelman School of Medicine

Gene Therapy Transforms Eyesight of 12 Born With Rare Defect

October 25, 2009
Katherine High, Albert Maguire and Jean Bennett of the School of Medicine are cited for their groundbreaking work in treating blindness.
Article Source: Los Angeles Times

ASGH 2009: Problems of Blood

October 24, 2009
Sarah Tishkoff of the School of Medicine and the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for research on African genetic diversity.
Article Source: Nature
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Media Contact:Jordan Reese | | 215-573-6604October 22, 2009

Penn Launches Web Site Tracking Research Funded by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

PHILADELPHIA –- The University of Pennsylvania has launched a Web site to inform the public of scientific research funding it has received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the stimulus measure that has delivered the largest increase in basic funding in the history of federally funded scientific research: $21.5 billion.

The Genetics of Addiction

October 20, 2009
David Oslin of the School of Medicine is cited for research on genetic markers for addiction.
Article Source: Reuters

11 Winners Announced of Franklin Institute Awards

October 19, 2009
Peter Nowell of the School of Medicine receives a Franklin Institute Award for co-discovering the chromosome abnormality that causes chronic myelogenous leukemia.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Tackling a Gruesome Trade

October 19, 2009
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine authors an op-ed on organ-trafficking prevention.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

The Truth About Swine Flu: Separating Fact and Rumor

October 19, 2009
Neil Fishman of the School of Medicine offers insight on the spread of swine flu.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Does Carrying a Gun Make You Safer? Researcher Uses Science to Find an Answer

October 15, 2009
Charles Branas of the School of Medicine says carrying a personal firearm puts you at risk.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Statins Creating a Social Gap in Cholesterol Levels

October 15, 2009
Virginia Chang of the School of Medicine discusses her research involving statin drugs and cholesterol.
Article Source: Reuters

The Song Decoders

October 14, 2009
Jonathan McEuen, a graduate student in the School of Medicine, discusses the music service Pandora.
Article Source: New York Times