Perelman School of Medicine

Glaxo to Change Training-Payment Practices

September 22, 2009
David Grande of the School of Medicine and the Wharton School comments on the pharmaceutical-physician relationship.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

A Stinky Problem Means a Big Opportunity

September 22, 2009
George Preti and James Leyden of the School of Medicine are cited for their research on offensive smells.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Why Bankers Are Like Bacteria

September 21, 2009
Harvey Rubin of the School of Medicine and the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response authors an op-ed relating the financial crisis to nature.
Article Source: NewScientist

Boomers: Gen Xcessive

September 20, 2009
Nicholas DiNubile of the School of Medicine discusses his Boomeritis generational-health theory.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Older Transplant Patients -- and Donors -- More Common

September 20, 2009
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says older organ donor recipients are becoming more common.
Article Source: Chicago Tribune

Genes Controlling Insulin ‘Alter’ Body Clock

September 18, 2009
John Hogenesch of the School of Medicine is part of a team studying disorders such as metabolic syndrome.
Article Source: Times of India

Organ Transplants: Older Organs Used, With Patients' Consent

September 18, 2009
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine comments on the use of transplant organs of “somewhat questionable quality.”
Article Source: Chicago Tribune

Traveling Exhibit Focuses on Transgender People

September 17, 2009
Arthur Robinson Williams, a student in the School of Medicine, comments on his traveling exhibition, "My Right Self: Transgender Considerations."
Article Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition Hosts Annual Conference

September 16, 2009
Joseph M. Serletti of the School of Medicine will be honored for breast cancer research.
Article Source: Reuters

A Shot at Cancer

September 15, 2009
Stephen Schuster of the School of Medicine is cited for his work on cancer research.
Article Source: Time