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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | | 215-349-5658November 20, 2014

Penn Researchers Unwind the Mysteries of the Cellular Clock

Human existence is basically circadian. Most of us wake in the morning, sleep in the evening, and eat in between. Body temperature, metabolism, and hormone levels all fluctuate throughout the day, and it is increasingly clear that disruption of those cycles can lead to metabolic disease.

Defying Odds on Brain Cancer, and Inspiring Students

November 30, 2014

María Martí

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Less Painful Mammograms? New Device May Safely Minimize the Hurt

November 25, 2014

Emily Conant of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted about a new device used to minimize painful mammograms.

Article Source:

An Atlas of Genetic Time

November 21, 2014

John Hogenesch of the Perelman School of Medicine is featured for creating an atlas of gene expression in humans and mi

Article Source: New Yorker

Smoking Not ‘Lesser Evil’ in Mental Health Treatment Settings

November 24, 2014

Robert Schnoll of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on permitting smoking on the premises of mental health treat

Unwinding the Mysteries of the Cellular Clock

November 21, 2014

Mitchell Lazar of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted on the tie between disrupted circadian rhythm and health problems.

Article Source: Bioscience Technology

Study Supports Giving Kidney Donors Priority When They Need a Kidney

November 21, 2014

Peter Reese of the Perelman School of Medicine talks about his study on the efficacy of a program to support organ donors.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Bed Bugs and Chagas Disease: Don’t Worry Quite Yet

November 20, 2014

Michael Levy of the Perelman School of Medicine is quoted on his work studying the disease-transmission capabilities of bed bugs.

Article Source: Popular Science

Penn Cancer Treatment Continues to Move Ahead

October 16, 2014

Carl June and David Porter of the Perelman School of Medicin

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Psoriasis Tied to Raised Risk of Uncontrolled Blood Pressure

October 15, 2014

Junko Takeshita of the Perelman School of Medicine discusses why psoriasis is linked to an increased risk of blood pres

Article Source: HealthDay News