Wharton School

‘Indian Managers Are More Adaptable in Nature’

October 12, 2011

Harbir Singh of the Wharton School is interviewed.

Article Source: Times of India

How Wall Street Is Responding, or Not, to Protests

October 11, 2011

Witold Henisz of the Wharton School comments on banks’ responses to Wall Street protests.

Article Source: Reuters

How to Untangle Any Conflict

October 10, 2011

Richard Shell of the Wharton School comments on how to settle conflicts.

Article Source: RealSimple.com

VIDEO: Smetters Says EU Faces ‘Tough Task’ in Solving Crisis

October 10, 2011

Kent Smetters of the Wharton School discusses Europe’s debt crisis.

Article Source: Bloomberg News

Under Fire, Netflix Rewinds DVD Plan

October 11, 2011

Katherine Milkman of the Wharton School comments on Netflix’s recent DVD plans.

Article Source: Wall Street Journal

Video: What’s Next For Apple?

October 6, 2011

Saikat Chaundhuri of the Wharton School helps answer questions about the future of Apple.

Article Source: WCAU-TV (Philadelphia)

Behind the Scenes, Apple Planned Jobs’ Succession by the Book

October 7, 2011

Saikat Chaundhuri of the Wharton School comments on Steve Jobs’ successors’ challenges, and a Knowledge@Wharton article is cited.

Article Source: Time

Business Majors, but With a Twist

October 6, 2011

Vice Dean Georgette Phillips of the Wharton School says, "Students who major in business are going to hit the ground running and feel a lot more comfortable a lot more quickly with what they're doing.”

Article Source: Wall Street Journal
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Media Contact:Julie McWilliams | juliemcw@upenn.edu | 215-898-1422October 6, 2011

Penn Panel to Discuss Sustainable Public Finance Options


WHAT:       “Sustainable Public Finance," a panel discussion featuring experts on public pensions, state and local governance and urban economics, will examine how high unemployment, low economic growth and declining property values have dealt a blow to state and municipal governments’ tax revenues.


Wharton Fund to Help Students Develop Bright Ideas

October 5, 2011

The Wharton Innovation Fund is featured.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer