Wharton School

Don’t Call Introverted Children ‘Shy’

January 26, 2012

Adam Grant of the Wharton School is cited for his study of introverted leaders.

Article Source: Time

Super Bowl Becoming the Social Media Event of the Season for Advertisers

January 27, 2012

Jonah Berger of the Wharton School shares his thoughts on advertisement during the Super Bowl game.

Article Source: MSNBC.com

U.S. Recovery Slowly Gained Speed in Late ’11, Data Show

January 27, 2012

Justin Wolfers of the Wharton School comments on the recovery of the American economy.

Article Source: New York Times

Groupon Offer Damages Mt. Airy Market, but Internet Helps Bring it Back

January 27, 2012

Eric Bradlow of the Wharton School comments on the effect of Groupon and similar companies on businesses.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Audio: To Grow Business, Starbucks Thinks Outside the Cup

January 26, 2012

David Reibstein of the Wharton School comments on Starbucks’ desire to expand beyond coffee.

Article Source: National Public Radio

Video: Smetters Says Fed’s Bernanke Keeping Easing Option Open

January 26, 2012

Kent Smetters of the Wharton School discusses the U.S. economy and Federal Reserve monetary policy.

Article Source: Bloomberg

Female Politicians Point the Way Towards Equality

January 26, 2012

Katherine Milkman of the Wharton School is cited for her research on the influence of gender identity.

Article Source: Financial Times

Is Income Disparity Slowly Fueling the Next Global Crisis?

January 21, 2012

Erwann Michel-Kerjan of the Wharton School co-authors an article about income disparity.

Article Source: Wall Street Journal (Asia)

How to Reset a Bad Mood at Work

January 24, 2012

Nancy Rothbard of the Wharton School comments on studying the moods of customer-service representatives throughout the workday.

Article Source: Fox Business

How to Bolster Online Sales

January 23, 2012

Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School comments on how to increase online sales.

Article Source: BizJournals.com