Wharton School

Crunching the Numbers

January 20, 2010
Jehoshua Eliashberg of the Wharton School discusses movie-box-office economics.
Article Source: New York Times

Expertos Analizarán en el Parlamento la Competitividad de la Economía Española

January 19, 2010
Mauro Guillén of the Wharton School is among experts called to comment on Spain’s economy.
Article Source: ABC (Spain)

In Today's Economics of Marriage, It's a Man's World

January 19, 2010
Betsey Stevenson of the Wharton School discusses the economics of marriage.
Article Source: USA Today

Strategic Defaults and the Foreclosure Crisis

January 19, 2010
Alex Edmans of the Wharton School discusses mortgage defaults.
Article Source: U.S. News & World Report

Overcoming Our Disaster Myopia in Haiti

January 19, 2010
Howard Kunreuther of the Wharton School authors an op-ed on Haiti recovery efforts and the larger issue of disaster preparedness.
Article Source: Washington Post

The Most Boring Bank in the World

January 18, 2010
Mauro Guillén of the Wharton School comments on top banking executives.
Article Source: Time

Google Said to Have Tried to Get Support Over Attack

January 15, 2010
Marshall Meyer of the Wharton School provides insight into Google’s presence in China.
Article Source: Bloomberg News

Audio: Young People With Ties to Haiti Await Word From Family Members

January 15, 2010
School of Arts and Sciences student Naeemah Philippeaux and Wharton student Jeffrey Tillus discuss their ties to earthquake-stricken Haiti.
Article Source: “PBS NewsHour Extra”

Video: Short Sale Kickbacks

January 15, 2010
Susan Wachter of the Wharton School discusses mortgage sales.
Article Source: CNBC

State Pension Funds in Shady Business

January 15, 2010
Kent Smetters of the Wharton School says pension funds were vulnerable pre-recession.