Better Paydays Ahead

November 19, 2009
Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School says salaries are trending toward recovery.
Article Source: Wall Street Journal

Private-Equity Funding Plunges 62% at Calpers Amid Fee Review

November 18, 2009
Pavel Savor of the Wharton School discusses the state of private-equity firms.
Article Source: Bloomberg News

Health-Care Heresy?

November 16, 2009
Richard Cooper of the School of Medicine and the Wharton School is featured commenting on the health-care-reform debate.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Bah Humbug! Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays

November 13, 2009
Joel Waldfogel of the Wharton School is cited for his new book, "Scroogenomics.”
Article Source: Yahoo Finance

Video: Countdown to Christmas

November 11, 2009
Stephen Hoch of the Wharton School discusses holiday spending.
Article Source: CNBC

Despite Economy, Penn's Endowment Stays Even

November 7, 2009
Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli and Kristin Gilbertson of Investments discuss Penn’s economic state.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Wharton's Business Fashion Whizzes

November 4, 2009
Katie Long, a Wharton student, profiles two of her classmates, Tony Wang and Palak Patel.
Article Source: Seventeen

World Series a Marketing Windfall for Philadelphia

October 27, 2009
Jerry Wind of the Wharton School says the World Series is an economic boon for Philadelphia.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Charlie Manuel, Model of Management Savvy

October 25, 2009
Kenneth Shropshire of the Wharton School comments on Phillies manager Charlie Manuel’s leadership style.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Report: City Should Shift Tax Burden to Property Owners

October 23, 2009
Robert Inman of the Wharton School comments on Philadelphia’s tax system.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer