Camden Groundbreaking Marks World Habitat Day

October 6, 2009
Susan Wachter of the Wharton School says urban habitation may soon account for the majority of housing.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

The Lehman Myth in the Financial Crisis

October 6, 2009
David Skeel of the Law School blogs about Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy.
Article Source: New York Times

How AP Measured the Meltdown at the Local Level

October 4, 2009
Tony Smith of the School of Engineering and Applied Science analyzes the economy with statistics.

Lewis Still Faces Legal and Political Woes

October 2, 2009
Jill Fisch of the Law School discusses the Bank of America inquest.
Article Source: New York Times

6 Ways the Recession Will Change Retirement

September 29, 2009
Mauro Guillén of the Wharton School says more workers are postponing retirement.
Article Source: U.S. News & World Report

Big Job Losses, Spike in Early Retirements Claims From Seniors Swamp Social Security System

September 28, 2009
Kent Smetters of the Wharton School says the recession will likely affect the long-term deficit.
Article Source: Associated Press

International Students: a $100 Billion Business?

September 27, 2009
Alan Ruby of the Graduate School of Education authors an op-ed on the economics of international students.
Article Source: University World News

Kraft Foods' Bid for Cadbury Likely to Move Swiftly in U.K.

September 25, 2009
David Skeel of the Law School is cited for research on hostile takeovers of companies.
Article Source: Chicago Tribune

Great Recession Transforms Workplace, Work Force

September 24, 2009
Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School discusses unemployment rates.
Article Source: Associated Press

Radio Coverage: “Radio Times With Marty Moss-Coane”

September 23, 2009
Tom Baker of the Law School discusses tort reform.
Article Source: WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)