Engaging Globally

The Value of Indian CSR

August 17, 2010

Peter Cappelli, Harbir Singh, Jitendra Singh and Mike Useem of the Wharton School author an op-ed on corporate social responsibility.

Article Source: Wall Street Journal

The Withering of a Once-Special Relationship

August 17, 2010

Bruce Newsome of the School of Arts and Sciences co-authors an op-ed on U.S.-British relations.

Article Source: CBSNews.com

Back Then

August 14, 2010

Peter Struck of the School of Arts and Sciences compares today’s sports superstars’ salaries to those of ancient athletes.

Article Source: New York Times

Middle East partnership

Wharton extends its global reach with the Wharton Entrepreneurship and Family Business Research Centre in Abu Dhabi, spearheaded by Raffi Amit. (Wharton Magazine)

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Media Contact:Jacqueline Posey | jposey@upenn.edu | 215-898-6460August 11, 2010

Nine Penn Students and Five Alumni Awarded Fulbright International Exchange Educational Scholarships

Nine University of Pennsylvania students and five Penn alumni have been awarded scholarships to participate in Fulbright international educational exchange program.  More than 1,500 U.S. citizens will travel abroad for one year of foreign study in one of 155 foreign countries, sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

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Media Contact:Jacquie Posey | jposey@upenn.edu | 215-898-6460August 10, 2010

Penn Research Points to the Influence of Non-Catholics on the Changes Brought by Vatican II

PHILADELPHIA – A new analysis of voting patterns among bishops at the Second Vatican Council points to the indirect influence of non-Catholic churches in the Council’s liberalization of the Catholic Church.

King Tut's Chariots Marvels of Engineering

August 3, 2010

David Silverman of the School of Arts and Sciences and Penn Museum discusses the engineering of King Tut’s chariot.

Article Source: Discovery

Did King Tut Break His Leg on a Joy Ride? His Chariot Now in New York.

August 3, 2010

David Silverman of the School of Arts and Sciences and Penn Museum comments on an exhibit featuring King Tut’s chariot.

Article Source: Christian Science Monitor

Inflation: The Great New Divide

July 29, 2010

Joseph Gyourko of the Wharton School is cited for research on land-price inflation in Beijing.

Article Source: BusinessWeek

Power and light

Medical student Kathryn Hall founded an organization that has funded construction of a lifesaving solar-energy system for a Gambian hospital. (Penn Medicine)