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Video: Domino Display Draws Attention to Penn Museum

November 7, 2011

A Penn Museum domino display shines a spotlight on the University’s Year of Games.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

VIDEO: Dual degrees

Law School alum Remy Nshimiyimana says the globally focused dual degree programs at the University are helpful to his career in business law. (Penn Law)

Fraud Case Seen as a Red Flag for Psychology Research

November 2, 2011

Joseph Simmons of the Wharton School comments on “the general tendency of humans to draw the conclusions they want to draw….”

Article Source: New York Times

Training Athletes for M.B.A.s

November 3, 2011

Kenneth Shropshire of the Wharton School comments on M.B.A programs geared toward athletes.

Article Source: Wall Street Journal

The Downside of Doctors Who Feel Your Pain

October 31, 2011

Adam Grant of the Wharton School is cited for his study of extroverts.

Article Source: New York Times

The Hidden Dangers of Gum Disease

October 20, 2011

Marjorie Jeffcoat of the School of Dental Medicine discusses gum disease and preterm pregnancies.

Article Source: Self

Check Up: National Health Issue: Americans Are Growing Fatter Younger

October 31, 2011

Samuel Preston and graduate student Andrew Stokes of the School of Arts and Sciences are featured for their demography research in relation to Americans’ health.

Article Source:
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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto | | 215-898-4820October 21, 2011

White House and School of Social Policy & Practice Host Dialogue on HIV/AIDS Strategy


The White House Office of National AIDS Policy, along with the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice, hosted a panel, “Sustaining the Community-Based Response to HIV,” Oct. 20 at Penn.  About 150 attended.

The Anthrax Attacks: Biopreparedness Ten Years Later

October 15, 2011

Jonathan Moreno of the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts and Sciences co-authors an op-ed about Americans being prepared for a biological weapons attack.

Article Source: Politico

Art Schools Build New ‘Foundation’ Across Disciplines

October 16, 2011

Penn Museum gets a visit from Philadelphia arts students.