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How a Fat Cell Comes to Be

May 18, 2010

Mitchell Lazar of the School of Medicine is cited for research on fat-cell maturation.

Article Source: Los Angeles Times

Q&A with Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr.

Historian, musician and now curator of a new Smithsonian exhibit, Penn Professor Guy Ramsey does his best to stay connected to the city of Philadelphia.

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Media Contact:Jordan Reese | | 215-573-6604May 20, 2010

Penn-Led Collaboration Mimics Library of Bio-Membranes for Use In Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery

PHILADELPHIA –- An international collaboration led by chemists and engineers from the University of Pennsylvania has prepared a library of synthetic biomaterials that mimic cellular membranes and that show promise in targeted delivery of cancer drugs, gene therapy, proteins, imaging and diagnostic agents and cosmetics safely to the body in the emerging field called nanomedicine.  

The study appears in the current issue of the journal Science.

Video: Parenting Perspective: Comparing Childhood Development

May 17, 2010

Neill Epperson of the School of Medicine and Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness says a child’s development is unique and should not be compared to other children’s.

Article Source: WPVI-TV (Philadelphia)

Sports Genes

May 17, 2010

Sarah Tishkoff of the School of Medicine and the School of Arts and Sciences is credited for genetic research conducted in Africa.

Dos Matemáticos Solucionan la Ecuación de Boltzmann, un Problema de 140 Años

May 18, 2010

Philip Gressman and Robert Strain of the School of Arts and Sciences solve a 140-year-old math equation.

Article Source: (Madrid)
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Media Contact:Julie McWilliams | | 215-898-1422May 18, 2010

Penn Faculty Senate Announces Leadership for 2010-11

PHILADELPHIA -- Robert C. Hornik will serve as chair of the University of Pennsylvania Faculty Senate in 2010-11, succeeding Harvey Rubin.

Camille Charles has been named chair-elect.

Language Log, where words rule

Free speech and grammar advice reign on the Language Log, a blog co-founded by Penn phonetician Mark Liberman.

A Little Neanderthal May Lurk in All of Us

May 17, 2010

Paul Schmidt of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses research suggesting human-Neanderthal cross-species mating.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn Medical School Graduate's Passion Spans Globe

May 16, 2010

Aura Obando, a graduating student in the School of Medicine, is profiled for her international medical work.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer