US Apologises for '40s Syphilis Study in Guatemala

October 2, 2010

Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine comments on a case of unethical governmental medical testing in the 1940s.

Article Source: Associated Press

The Burden of Incarceration: 1 in 28 Kids Have a Parent Behind Bars

September 30, 2010

Justin Wolfers of the Wharton School discusses parental incarceration.

Article Source: New York Times

Audio: Podcast: Why Greater Detroit Is So Segregated

October 1, 2010

Thomas Sugrue of the School of Arts and Sciences discusses segregation in Greater Detroit.

Article Source: Time

U.S. in the Hot Seat for Universal Periodic Review

September 30, 2010

Sarah Paoletti of the Law School comments on the United Nations Human Rights Council’s upcoming review of U.S. policy.

Amtrak Rolls Out Ambitious, High-Speed Service Plan

September 28, 2010

Robert Yaro of the School of Design comments on a proposed Philadelphia high-speed rail system.

Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Rove Returns, With Team, Planning G.O.P. Push

September 25, 2010

Factcheck.org of the Annenberg Public Policy Center scrutinizes negative campaign ads.

Article Source: New York Times

Grayson Calls Opponent 'Taliban Dan Webster'

September 27, 2010

Factcheck.org of the Annenberg Public Policy Center analyzes the veracity of political attack ads.

Article Source: Washington Post

Arbitron: Radio Continues to Reach Large Black Audiences

September 24, 2010

Chad Dion Lassiter of the School of Social Policy & Practice says “radio is a format that allows for more freedom to speak to different racial and ethnic communities.”

Article Source: Blackweb 2.0

FBI Drive for Encryption Backdoors Is Déjà Vu for Security Experts

September 27, 2010

Matt Blaze of the School of Engineering and Applied Science comments on cryptology regulations.

Article Source: Wired

All Bets Are on as SugarHouse Opens

September 23, 2010

Harris Sokoloff of the Graduate School of Education and the Penn Project for Civic Engagement discusses the implications of a casino in Philadelphia.

Article Source: Philadelphia Daily News