University of Pennsylvania Tops ‘Billionaire Alumni’ List

September 18, 2014

According Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, Penn tops the list of billionaire undergraduate alumni.

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Media Contact:Jessica McIlhenny | | 215-898-6118 September 19, 2014

Penn Celebrates National Voter Registration Day

The University of Pennsylvania will participate in National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, Sept. 23. Penn joins more than 1,000 organizations across the country in this one-day coordinated initiative to increase voter registration and voter education.

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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | | 215-573-8151September 17, 2014

Penn Senior Kimberly Kolor’s Journey to Study Life and Religion in South Asia

While studying abroad in India, University of Pennsylvania senior Kimberly Kolor found even the smallest excursion became a learning experience.

University of Pennsylvania Expands Homeownership Incentive Program

September 16, 2014

Penn’s homeownership incentive program is highlighted for its expansion.

Article Source: WCAU-TV (Philadelphia)

Penn Expands Homeownership Incentive Program for Its Workers

September 15, 2014

Penn is featured for expanding the homeownership incentive program.

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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | | 215-573-8151September 11, 2014

Penn Student Seeks Adventure Through Study Abroad

For University of Pennsylvania senior Olivia Route, some of the most exciting and enriching experiences she’s had as a student have happened while studying abroad.

Colleges Are Inventing New Ways to Attract Recent Graduates to Donate

September 8, 2014

Colin Hennessy of the Penn Fund says, “If we can do things to develop that relationship with our youngest alumni, we are going to see great returns in that long game.”

Article Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Ebola Prompts Precautions at Philly Universities

September 5, 2014

Penn’s student health clinicians are included amongst area universities taking precautionary steps aligned with the guidelines set by the government’s health watchdog.

Article Source: Philadelphia Tribune
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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | | 215-573-8151September 3, 2014

Learning Lessons by Integrating Sustainability in the Classroom at Penn

As an environmental studies major at the University of Pennsylvania, Kinsey Miller already knew about many sustainability issues. 

But, after spending the summer as a researcher in the Penn Green Campus Partnership’s Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum program, her interests have expanded further.

ISIS’ Antiquities Sideline

September 2, 2014

Brian Daniels of the Penn Museum co-writes an op-ed on the state of archaeological sites under the control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Article Source: New York Times