Booting Down

October 14, 2011

Walk through any campus library and you see students hunkered down in their preferred corner or comfy chair with their laptops and cell phones in hand to aid in the process of cramming for their next exam. But are they studying or goofing off? Are they capable of actually staying on (work-related) task?

Article Source: Inside Higher Ed

Creative Bias: A Threat to Corporate Innovation

October 12, 2011

Jennifer Mueller of the Wharton School is highlighted for her research on creative bias.

Article Source: Smart Planet

Poker Becomes a Sport for Young American Males

October 10, 2011

Annenberg Public Policy Center research about online gambling is cited.

Article Source: Washington Post
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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto | | 215-898-4820October 10, 2011

Penn Researchers Find That Many Minority Teachers Sign On but Do Not Stay

PHILADELPHIA — Research from the University of Pennsylvania has found that success in recruiting minority teachers for low-income schools is being undone by continuing problems with teacher retention.

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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | | 215-349-5658October 7, 2011

Penn Team Links Schizophrenia Genetics to Disruption in How Brain Processes Sound

PHILADELPHIA - Recent studies have identified many genes that may put people with schizophrenia at risk for the disease. But, what links genetic differences to changes in altered brain activity in schizophrenia is not clear.

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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | | 215-349-5658October 6, 2011

Abnormal Parkinson's Disease Protein Induces Degeneration in Healthy Nerve Cells, Penn Study Finds

Nearly five million Americans live with heart failure, with as many as 700,000 new cases diagnosed each year. In addition to lifestyle factors, scientists have shown that heart failure has a strong heritable component, but identifying the responsible genes has been a major challenge. Now, new research has identified a common genetic risk factor for heart failure in Caucasians that is also linked to kidney function.

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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | | 215-573-6604October 7, 2011

Penn Physicists’ New Manufacturing Technique Means Higher Quality Nanotube Devices

PHILADELPHIA -- Major advances in materials science and nanotechnology promise to revolutionize electronic devices with unprecedented strength and conductivity, but those promises can’t be fulfilled if the devices can’t be consistently manufactured.

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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto | | 215-898-4820October 7, 2011

Penn GSE Researcher Weighs In on the Dream Act

What if there were 65,000 people in the United States who, despite successfully completing their secondary education, had no hope for the future? There are.

Devices That Can Listen In on Cellphone Traffic, Control Your Phone

October 4, 2011

Matt Blaze of the School of Engineering and Applied Science comments on federal use ofsecret devices for locating people via cellphones.

Article Source: Wall Street Journal

Fast Vocal Muscles Are Behind Bats’ Skill

September 30, 2011

Penn researchers are highlighted for their bat echolocation research.

Article Source: New York Times