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Media Contact:Jeanne Leong | | 215-573-8151July 20, 2012

Penn Annenberg Researchers Study Media’s Role and the Flow of Information in Iran


 University of Pennsylvania researchers are helping to provide a snapshot of how Iranians access news and information and what technologies Iranians use to learn about current events under restrictive laws.

Serious Side Effects More Likely in New Cancer Drugs

July 19, 2012

Susan Ellenberg of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on a study about newer cancer drugs.

Article Source: Chicago Tribune
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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | | 215-573-6604July 23, 2012

Penn’s Benjamin Horton Working on State-by-state Sea-level Research

PHILADELPHIA — In June, the North Carolina legislature attempted to block a group of local scientists’ findings about how climate change could impact the state via sea-level rise. The new legislation would, for a time, prohibit the state’s coastal developers from using anything but linear estimates for rates of sea-level rise, where levels would go up by around 20 centimeters over the next century.

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Media Contact:Kim Menard | | 215-200-2312July 19, 2012

Penn Study: Anti-Tau Drug Improves Cognition, Decreases Tau Tangles in Alzheimer's Disease Models

While clinical trial results are being released regarding drugs intended to decrease amyloid production - thought to contribute to decline in Alzheimer's disease - clinical trials of drugs targeting other disease proteins, such as tau, are in their initial phases.

The Broken Escalator; Or, Can You Ever Really Retract a Paper?

July 17, 2012

Uri Simonsohn of the Wharton School discusses scientific papers that have to be retracted.

How the Higgs Boson Was Lost and Found

July 17, 2012

Gino Segre of the School of Arts and Sciences pens an op-ed about searching for the Higgs boson.

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Media Contact:Evan Lerner | | 215-573-6604July 16, 2012

Penn Faculty Receive Alternative Energy Project Grants

PHIADELPHIA — Alternative energy research projects involving four faculty members from the University of Pennsylvania have been awarded grants from the Energy Commercialization Institute, a translational-research partnership that draws upon several regional universities.

Penn Researchers Enlist Dogs in Battle Against Human Cancers

July 15, 2012

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine and Nicola Mason of the School of Veterinary Medicine comment on how dogs can help in human-cancer research.

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At Penn, ‘Translating’ Laboratory Breakthroughs Into Treatments for Patients

July 16, 2012

Ran Reshef, David Porter, Robert Vonderheide and Carl June of the Perelman of School of Medicine are highlighted for their contributions to cancer-treatment research.

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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto | | 215-898-4820July 16, 2012

Penn School of Social Policy & Practice’s Ortner Center Pairs With Avon to Go ‘Beyond Brochures’

PHILADELPHIA –- A grant from the Avon Foundation will allow researchers at the University of Pennsylvania to take an in-depth look at how the Internet plays a role in preventing violence against women