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The Making of Corporate U.

October 17, 2010

Marvin Lazerson of the Graduate School of Education reviews the road to educational corporatization.

The Real Cost Equation

October 19, 2010

Since 1981, the list price tuition and fees charged by American four-year colleges and universities (public and private together) has risen at an annual rate of 7.1 percent. Room and board has gone up 5.3 percent per year. Overall inflation has averaged only 3.2 percent. These differences have fueled an increasingly acrimonious public debate over the causes and consequences of the rising cost of college attendance.

Article Source: Inside Higher Ed

Top Fund Raisers in 'Philanthropy 400' Saw Steep Drop in Donations Last Year

October 18, 2010

Private giving to the nation's biggest charities, including more than 100 colleges, dropped 11 percent last year, according to a survey released on Monday by The Chronicle of Philanthropy. The decline was the worst in the two decades since The Chronicle started its Philanthropy 400 ranking of the organizations that raise the most from private sources.

Study: Racial Harmony Begins in the Dorm Room

October 18, 2010

A new study finds that randomly assigned roommates are equally likely to become friends regardless of their race. Researchers studying roommate assignments at Berea College in Kentucky found that roommates of different races were just as likely to become friends as roommates of the same race. The finding, published in the October issue of Journal of Labor Economics, suggests that racial harmony on campus might begin with innovative dorm assignments.

Article Source: Washington Post
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Media Contact:Jill DiSanto-Haines | | 215-898-4820October 15, 2010

”The Dogon: Work, Women and Water” at Penn’s Arthur Ross Gallery

PHILADELPHIA — “The Dogon: Work, Women and Water” opens at the University of Pennsylvania’s Arthur Ross Gallery on Nov. 5. 

Featuring 15 photographs by renowned Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin, this exhibit is in cooperation with the 2010-11 Year of Water at Penn.

Last year, the Voss Foundation commissioned Franklin to photograph its efforts to provide clean drinking water to the Dogon region of Mali, a land-locked country in western Africa.

For Sale: Successful Ivy League Applications—Only $19.99

October 14, 2010

The path to the nation’s most selective colleges is crowded with entrepreneurs—independent consultants, test-preparation companies, and publishers of a zillion guides. They peddle information and insight, along with strategies for unlocking coveted gates. Recently, Howard Yaruss decided to join them.

Entrepreneur Gets a Stern Lecture From Cal State

October 15, 2010

Recent graduate Ryan Stevens sought to put his business degree from Cal State Sacramento to use by creating a website where students can buy and sell lecture notes, old homework, study guides and other class materials.

Article Source: Los Angeles Times

College Dropouts Cost Taxpayers Billions, Report Says

October 13, 2010

State and federal governments spent an estimated $9-billion between 2003 and 2008 on students who dropped out of college during their freshman year, according to a report scheduled for release on Monday.

Affluent Indians Sending More Students Abroad

October 11, 2010

When Rohit Bhasin recently arrived in India after eight years away, he was taken aback by the number of homes, roads and bridges being built.

Article Source: New York Times

Texas A&M to Revise Controversial Faculty Rewards Based on Student Evaluations

October 12, 2010

Changes are in the works for a controversial program at Texas A&M University that relies on anonymous student evaluations to award professors cash bonuses of up to $10,000. While the program is systemwide, the changes would apply at the flagship campus, in College Station, only.