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In Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing Outpaces the Clinic, Penn Study Finds

May 14, 2014

Kara Maxwell of the Perelman School of Medicine is featured for leading new research on the usefulness of genetic knowledge of breast cancer mutations.

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Media Contact:Kim Menard | | 215-662-6183May 15, 2014

Penn Researchers Show Human Learning Altered by Electrical Stimulation of Dopamine Neurons

A new study may hold potential for rehabilitation after injury or for treating addictive behaviors.

Stimulation of a certain population of neurons within the brain can alter the learning process, according to a team of neuroscientists and neurosurgeons at the University of Pennsylvania.

Importance of Sleep: New Study Says Modern Society ‘Needs to Rest’

May 14, 2014

Siobhan Banks of the Perelman School of Medicine says, “Some research has suggested that sleep restriction over many years may affect metabolism, increasing the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes.”

ER Visits for Concussions Spike as Damage Becomes Clear

May 13, 2014

Douglas Smith of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on research on traumatic brain injuries from concussions caused by sports.

Article Source: NBC News

Different Way to Treat Depression: Games

May 5, 2014

Graduate student Ann Marie Roepke of the School of Arts and Sciences is highlighted for research using SuperBetter.

Article Source: Wall Street Journal

Patient’s Cells Deployed to Attack Aggressive Cancer

May 8, 2014

Carl June of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on research on adoptive cell therapy.

Article Source: New York Times
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Media Contact:Katie Delach | | 215-349-5964May 7, 2014

Penn Experts Say "Insourcing" Innovation May be the Best Approach to Transforming Health Care

A group of health care and policy experts from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is urging health care institutions to look more to their own in-house personnel, including physicians and nurses, as a source of new ideas for improving how care is delivered.

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Media Contact:Karen Kreeger | | 215-349-5658May 8, 2014

Penn Yeast Study Identifies Novel Longevity Pathway

Ancient philosophers looked to alchemy for clues to life everlasting. Today, researchers look to their yeast. These single-celled microbes have long served as model systems for the puzzle that is the aging process, and in this week’s issue of Cell Metabolism, they fill in yet another piece.

Video: Can Exposure Therapy Help Rape Victims?

May 7, 2014

Sandy Capaldi of the Perelman School of Medicine discusses therapy for rape victims.

Article Source: Aljazeera America

Video: Pennsylvania Puts Limits on Tanning by Teens

May 6, 2014

George Cotsarelis of the Perelman School of Medicine shares his thoughts on a new indoor tanning law.

Article Source: WPVI-TV (Philadelphia)