Health & Medicine


A New Recovery Center for the Woes of Warcraft

September 28, 2009
Charles O'Brien of the School of Medicine discusses criteria for classifying addictions as disease.
Article Source: Inside Higher Ed

Video: Homeless Addicts: Next Door, Worlds Away

September 28, 2009
Philippe Bourgois of the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine discusses his research with homeless addicts.
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New Call-In Service Could Help Save Your Cat or Dog

September 27, 2009
Justine Lee of the School of Veterinary Medicine provides advice on how best to utilize the pet poison line.
Article Source: KYW Radio (Philadelphia)

What's True Cost of a Starbucks Latte, Author Asks

September 27, 2009
David Grazian of the School of Arts and Sciences analyzes Starbucks’ impact on social psychology.
Article Source: Associated Press

Support Medical Reporting

September 23, 2009
Richard Shannon co-authors an op-ed on medical reporting.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Radio Coverage: “Radio Times With Marty Moss-Coane”

September 23, 2009
Tom Baker of the Law School discusses tort reform.
Article Source: WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

Glaxo to Change Training-Payment Practices

September 22, 2009
David Grande of the School of Medicine and the Wharton School comments on the pharmaceutical-physician relationship.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Boomers: Gen Xcessive

September 20, 2009
Nicholas DiNubile of the School of Medicine discusses his Boomeritis generational-health theory.
Article Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Older Transplant Patients -- and Donors -- More Common

September 20, 2009
Arthur Caplan of the School of Medicine says older organ donor recipients are becoming more common.
Article Source: Chicago Tribune

Genes Controlling Insulin ‘Alter’ Body Clock

September 18, 2009
John Hogenesch of the School of Medicine is part of a team studying disorders such as metabolic syndrome.
Article Source: Times of India