Ebooks from Penn Press

Many Penn Press books are available in electronic form--as PDF or, more selectively, EPUB files--from our own website or through selected distributors of ebooks to libraries and individuals.

From our website you can download our ebooks directly to your computer or handheld device and read them there using Adobe Digital Editions software, a free download from Adobe available for PC, Mac, and dedicated ebook readers such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Kobo eReader, or the Sony E-reader. Third-party apps are available for reading Adobe Digital Editions on Apple and Android devices: the Bluefire reader is one popular option for the iPad and other iOS devices and the Aldiko ebook reader for Android systems. Follow this link for a list of compatible devices. Some other devices, however, including Amazon's family of Kindle readers, are restricted to proprietary stores that may prevent you from downloading ebooks bought at our site (follow this link for information about using Kindle devices to read documents not purchased from Amazon).

You will be given an opportunity to choose your preferred format, when multiple forms are available, before checking out. After you complete the purchase of an ebook through the Penn Press shopping cart, you will receive via email an order confirmation and a link to download your ebook, as well as a link to Adobe's Digital Editions software. The Adobe Digital Editions software includes digital rights management that requires creation of an Adobe ID before accessing your digital bookshelf. Downloaded ADE ebooks can be accessed only by a single user ID, but you may register up to six unique devices with your ID, enabling you to backup, copy, or transfer digital content between devices. After you have installed Adobe Digital Editions software and have registered a valid Adobe ID, the content will remain accessible, even offline. For further information on using Adobe's Digital Editions software, please consult Adobe's Digital Editions FAQ.

Which Penn Press titles are available in ebook form?

Most of our recently published books are available as well as many older titles. Look for the ebook purchase option on the main book page or the "eb" designation in browsable title listings such as those by author, title, subject, or series.

Other ebook options

Many Penn Press titles are available through third-party distributors of electronic books to libraries and individuals. These include:

Each vendor has its own pricing, delivery system, and terms. Please follow the links for more information.

Customer service and support

All ebook purchases through our website are nonrefundable and nonreturnable. Penn Press ebook offerings are powered by HFS Digital, which provides digital file storage, management, distribution, and customer service. For assistance, you may contact hfscustserv@press.jhu.edu or 1-800-537-5487.

In case of trouble installing or working with Adobe Digital Editions, please visit Adobe's support site at www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/.

A note on ebook piracy

As you traverse the internet you will probably encounter sites that purport to offer Penn Press books for free download. Almost invariably, however, were you to click the links (and you should not; you would endanger your computer system!), you will discover that the books are nowhere to be found. Instead you will be led through a series of obstacles--ads, popup windows, social media links, and requests for personal information--ending only in the possibility of your being trapped into installing malware on your computer.

Ebook piracy is a real problem. But you are unlikely to come across direct links to pirated content. If you do happen to discover real pirated content, though, please let us know by sending the location details to our rights desk at pressrts@pobox.upenn.edu. We will take appropriate action.

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