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"The Tempest" and Its Travels

Peter Hulme and William H. Sherman, Editors

304 pages | 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 | 37 illus.
Paper 2000 | ISBN 978-0-8122-1753-7 | $34.95s | £23.00 | Add to cart
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"This rich and imaginative anthology will be essential reading."—Shakespeare Quarterly

"An extraordinarily varied collection that unmoors Shakespeare's The Tempest from any critical safe haven and shows instead that from its inception to the present the play has been a perpetual traveler. . . . This is a volume that provides more ways of thinking about the play than can be found between the covers of any other single book."—Richard Helgerson, University of California, Santa Barbara

"A valuable addition to the burgeoning literature taking a postmodern interest in this Shakespeare play. . . . The essays are engaging and free of murky theoretical discourse. . . . Numerous black-and-white photographs and illustrations help present The Tempest as both cultural artifact and literary creation."—Choice

The Tempest is a play whose meanings and influence have crossed multiple boundaries in the critical sphere. It is probably the work of Shakespeare's that has been reinterpreted more radically and fully than any other by readers, writers, and artists throughout the modern world. At once resistant and ever-subjected to classification, it has been identified as every genre and no genre, located in every place and no place, and viewed from a wide range of perspectives from colonial to anticolonial, political to apolitical.

In "The Tempest" and Its Travels, Peter Hulme and William H. Sherman assemble a stellar collection of original essays and visual materials that situate Shakespeare's play in both its original contexts and our own cultural moment. The book launches out to explore the historical circumstances in which The Tempest was written and performed in seventeenth-century England, particularly in the emerging global market economy. Reading outward, the volume moves through the crossroads of Europe and the Mediterranean, exploring the play's complex transactions between European and North African cultures and between classical texts and Renaissance politics. In a final section, the book traverses the Atlantic for a look at American and Caribbean readings of the play and its translation into colonial allegory. By means of its innovative collection of historical, critical, and creative materials, "The Tempest" and Its Travels offers a new map of the vast and varied worlds—scholarly, artistic, and political—from which the play arose and in which it has, for centuries, been received.

Contributors: Ric Alsopp, Christy Anderson, Crystal Bartolovich, Gordon Brotherton, Jerry Brotton, Raquel Carrió, Merle Collins, Philip Crispin, David Dabydeen, Elizabeth Fowler, John Gillies, Roland Greene, Donna B. Hamilton, Andrew C. Hess, Peter Hulme, Robin Kirkpatrick, Barbara A. Mowat, Lucy Rix, Joseph Roach, Patricia Seed, Martha Nell Smith, Alden T. Vaughan, Marina Warner

Peter Hulme is Professor of Literature at the University of Essex and author of Colonial Encounters: Europe and the Native Caribbean.

William H. Sherman is Associate Professor of English at the University of Maryland and author of John Dee: The Politics of Reading and Writing in the English Renaissance.

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