A Multimedia Companion to the Middle Paleolithic Site of Combe-Capelle Bas
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A Multimedia Companion to the Middle Paleolithic Site of Combe-Capelle Bas

Harold L. Dibble and Shannon P. McPherron

CD-ROM 1995 | ISBN 978-1-931707-12-1 | $19.95s | £13.00 | Add to cart
Distributed for the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

This CD-ROM contains over 500 MB of data, including nearly 1,100 full color images, with over 100 taken of the site during the excavation and of project participants and historical figures, and 1,000 images of artifacts recovered during the excavation. It also contains the complete set of analytical data recovered by the Combe-Capelle research project, including artifact proveniences, measurements, and over 20 other observations. This represents all of the data generated by this project and was the foundation for the studies presented in the monograph.

With software provided on the disk—CCCDROM, a Windows program to provide interactive browsing and searching capability of the images, and CCPLOT, a sophisticated DOS program to access these data directly and to map the artifacts as they were found—the user can ask for one or many levels, excavation units, or predefined subsets and look at their distribution across the site. The disc also includes ENTRER TROIS, a generalized and easy-to-use program for archaeological (or other) data entry, and EDM, a program for use in archaeological mapping and piece proveniencing with an electronic total station (it is completely user-configurable and is compatible with major brands of equipment).

Complete documentation is provided. Requires IBM compatible computer with a CD-ROM drive.

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