Smoke Firing
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Smoke Firing
Contemporary Artists and Approaches

Jane Perryman

176 pages | 8 1/2 x 11 | 190 color illus.
Cloth 2008 | ISBN 978-0-8122-4089-4 | $49.95t | £32.50 | Add to cart
Not for sale in the British Commonwealth, except Canada, or in Europe

"Gathering together the expertise of nearly 30 artists who use the methods of smoke-fired pottery, both with and without recourse to kilns, the author gives us a broad perspective on the possibilities of smoke firing to achieve a multitude of contemporary approaches and results."—from the Foreword, by Janet Mansfield

The ancient technique of smoke firing transforms raw clay into durable ceramics while carbon from burning leaves, sawdust, or paper embeds itself in the clay, mottling it with blues and grays, leaving cloudy forms around resist materials, or blackening the surface completely. Each smoke-fired piece is a unique record of collaboration between heat, chemistry, and creativity. The method has its roots in traditional pottery, but its technological simplicity lends itself to today's artistic improvization and experimentation.

Jane Perryman explores creative possibilities of this time-tested yet liberating method in Smoke Firing: Contemporary Artists and Approaches, a survey of the varied work of contemporary ceramicists from around the world. After a brief introduction to the cultural history of smoke firing, Perryman and leading ceramics practitioners share the latest ideas and innovations in the use of bonfires, containers, earth pits, saggars, and kilns. As artists from 17 countries discuss their work, they reveal the meaning and inspiration behind their creations. Smoke Firing contains dozens of full-color photographs of ceramics and ceramicists in action, plus a special chapter on smoke firing for educational groups and workshops.

Handsomely illustrated, Smoke Firing is an inspirational resource for ceramics and pottery devotees, from seasoned craftspeople to curious collectors.

Jane Perryman is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association. She is author of Smoke Fired Pottery, Traditional Pottery of India, and Naked Clay: Ceramics Without Glaze, the latter also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press.

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