The Basics of Throwing
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The Basics of Throwing
A Practical Approach to Form and Design

David Cohen

144 pages | 7.5 x 10 | 100 color illus.
Paper 2008 | ISBN 9780812220414 | Add to cart $29.95s | Outside N. America £24.99
Not for sale in the British Commonwealth, except Canada, or in the European Union

To master the timeless craft of clay wheel throwing, a ceramicist must understand more than the attributes of clay and the operation of the potter's wheel. Successful practitioners learn to combine technical knowledge and physical skill with emotional control and a highly developed aesthetic sense. The learning process can be extremely frustrating for beginners, but thorough background information and a proper mindset can ease the journey to technical proficiency and self-expression.

The Basics of Throwing offers the kind of detailed instruction that is critical to the sustained practice of clay wheel throwing. In this thoroughly illustrated book, master potter David Cohen explores the essential aspects of the craft—the preparation of clay, the required tools, the mechanics governing the potter's wheel, the technical vocabulary, and the fundamental thrown forms of ceramic ware. In addition, Cohen shares insights into the value of related details, such as posture, breath, rhythm, and drawing, in the creation of quality clay ware. His clear writing links the physical relationship between body, clay, and wheel to the principles of beauty. Full-color photographs further clarify each concept and method. The Basics of Throwing ends with inspiring profiles of some of today's best potters.

David Cohen's comprehensive instruction and holistic framework make The Basics of Throwing a unique resource for potters and ceramics educators.

David Cohen is a professional ceramicist and educator with more than four decades of experience. Over the years, he has taught and exhibited around the world. He continues to work in his home studio in Scotland.

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