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Vassals, Heiresses, Crusaders, and Thugs
The Gentry of Angevin Yorkshire, 1154-1216

Hugh M. Thomas

256 pages | 6 x 9 | 6 illus.
Cloth 1993 | ISBN 9780812231595 | $79.95 | €69.95 | Buy from De Gruyter
Ebook 2016 | ISBN 9781512807882 | $79.95 | €69.95 | Buy from De Gruyter
This book is available under special arrangement from our European publishing partner De Gruyter.
An Anniversary Collection volume

In recent decades, works of the gentry have revolutionized out understanding of late medieval and early modern England. In Vassals, Heiresses, Crusaders, and Thugs, Hugh M. Thomas takes the study of the gentry back to the period 1154-1216. His conclusions not only reveal remarkable similarities between the gentry of various periods but also shed light on the massive changes that transformed England in the Angevin Period.

Hugh M. Thomas is Professor of History at the University of Miami.

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