The Flowering of the Landscape Garden

Mark Laird offers a wealth of visual and literary materials to revolutionize our understanding of the English landscape garden as a powerful cultural expression.

The Flowering of the Landscape Garden
English Pleasure Grounds, 1720-1800

Mark Laird

1999 | 464 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Locating the Georgian Shrubbery and Flower Garden

Ch. 1. The Origins of Theatrical Planting
Ch. 2. The North American Influx: A Mania for Pines and Magnolias
Ch. 3. The First Shrubberies: Circuits, Clumps, and Axiality
Ch. 4. The Role of Exotics in Early Shrubberies Great and Small
Ch. 5. Flowers in Cones, Crescents, Circles, and Conservatories
Ch. 6. Flower Gardens Before Nuneham: The Planting Palette
Ch. 7. The Shrubbery Codified
Ch. 8. Shrubberies Perfected: Professionals in the Pleasure Ground
Ch. 9. Theatrical Flower Beds and Flowering Elysiums
Ch. 10. A Flower Garden of Profusion and Luxuriancy


Index of Names and Places
Index of Plant Names
Permissions and Credits