Resist and Masking Techniques

A well illustrated, clearly explained guide to using a wide variety of materials as masks and resists to achieve unusual finishes on clay.

Resist and Masking Techniques

Peter Beard

1996 | 128 pages | Paper $29.95
Arts and Crafts
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Table of Contents


1. History and overview of resists and masking
2. Water-based waxes
3. Oil-based waxes
4. Latex wax or latex rubber solutions
5. Spraying—ordinary and airbrush
6. Paper and adhesive tapes, papers, and films
7. Exercises in using slips and resists
8. Colloidal slips
9. Acid etching
10. Lustre techniques
11. Masking resists and smoke
12. Grit blasting
13. Recipes

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