Men in Search of Man

Illustrated with many photographs of the expeditions, as well as of the collections, Men in Search of Man contains several supplements listing additional information pertinent to the history of the museum.

Men in Search of Man
The First Seventy-Five Years of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania

Percy C. Madeira, Jr.

1964 | 112 pages | Cloth $79.95
Education | History | Archaeology | Anthropology
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Table of Contents

1. 1887-1901: A Lusty Infant
2. 1901-1910: Growing Pains
3. 1910-1916: A Taste of Opulence
4. 1916-1929: Conquest and Crises
5. 1929-1941: Stout Deeds on a Lean Budget
6. 1941-1947: Response to War
7. 1947-1962: A New Era

Supplements: Seventy-five Years, Expeditions of the University Museum · The Col­lections of the University Museum · Presidents and Chairmen of the University Museum · Directors of the University Museum · Officers, Curators, and Managers of the Department of Archaeology and Paleontology and the University Archaeological Association, 1893 · Officers and Managers of the University Museum · Staff Members of the University Museum · Consulting Fellows of the University Museum · The Women's Committee of the University Museum · Recipients of the Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal · Constitution of the University Museum, 1962 · By-Laws of the University Museum, 1962

Excerpt [uncorrected, not for citation]

Partial Chronology of the University Museum

1887: First expedition to Babylonia organized. Organization of the background of the University Museum.
1889: Arrival in Nippur, prebiblical city-state, of University Museum's expedition.
1892-94: University Museum awarded gold medal at Columbian Historical Exposition in Madrid. Awarded seven awards at World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
1895: Pennsylvania State Legislature appropriates $150,000 to be matched by private funds for construction of new building.
1899: Completion of new building christened Free Museum of Science and Art.
1903: 1Q-Excavations in Crete.
1905: Controversy involving Hermann Hilprecht's work at Nippur and his books on the subject.
1906: Beginning of expeditions to Egypt.
1913: University Museum expands its activities to include South America.
1916: Eckley Coxe bequeaths the Egyptian section $500,000.
1922-34: Expeditions to Ur of the Chaldees.
1930: Publication started of University Museum Bulletin and Discovery.
1931: University Museum begins expeditions to the Maya city of Piedras Negras. In the Mediterranean area, important work at ancient Greek city of Curium on Cyprus.
1937: Fiftieth anniversary observed.
1941-45: World War II.
1950: Television show "What in the World?" inaugurated by University Museum.
1956: Work begun to clear the jungle city of Tikal, Guatemala.
1957: Excavations at Gordian, Turkey, for the tomb of King Midas.
1962: Seventy-fifth anniversary observed.