Life Insurance Trends at Midcentury

This volume deals with significant trends and problems in life insurance at the midpoint of the twentieth century.	

Life Insurance Trends at Midcentury

Edited by David McCahan

1950 | 192 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

I. The Impact of Lower Interest Earnings
—A. A. Rydgren
II. Implications of the Guertin Legislation
—Henry H. Jackson
III. Investment Trends and Problems
—James J. O'Leary
IV. Principles and Problems of Selection and Underwriting
—Pearce Shepherd
V. Reinsurance of Life Risks
—Walter O. Menge
VI. Significant Annuity Developments
—Ray D. Murphy
VII. Development of Disability Benefits in Life Insurance Contracts
—Joseph B. Maclean
VIII. Modern Industrial Life Insurance
—Malvin E. Davis
IX. The Growing Field of Group Coverages
—Henry S. Beers
X .Research in Agency Management
—Charles J. Zimmerman