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Studies in Economics and Industrial Relations

Wesley C. Mitchell et al.

1941 | 183 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

Economic Resources in Economic Theory
—Wesley C. Mitchell
Our Future Economic Defense
—Herbert Hoover
Investment in Relation to Business Activity and Employment
—John M. Clark
Capital Formation, 1879-1938
—Simon Kuznets
Investment Incentives
—Alvin H. Hansen
American Research in Price History
—Arthur H. Cole
Prices, Wages, and the Industrial Revolution
—Earl J . Hamilton
The Professional Accountant's Responsibilities to the Public
—John K. Mathieson
Management's Responsibilities to the Public for Accounting Reports
—Phillip L. West
The Government's Responsibility for the Regulation of Accounting Reports
—William L. Werntz
The Development of National Labor Policy
—Sumner H. Slichter
Is Unemployment Inevitable?
—J . Douglas Brown
Is Unemployment Inevitable?
—William A. Berridge