Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, Volume 2

Topics include binding spells, curse tablets, and the demonization of magic and sorcery by Christianity.

Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, Volume 2
Ancient Greece and Rome

Edited by Bengt Ankarloo and Stuart Clark

1999 | 384 pages | Cloth $55.00 | Paper $24.95
Classics | History | Anthropology | Religion
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Table of Contents

Binding Spells: Curse Tablets and Voodoo Dolls in the Greek and Roman Worlds
—Daniel Ogden
Witches and Sorcerers in Classical Literature
—Georg Luck
Imagining Greek and Roman Magic
—Richard Gordon
The Demonization of Magic and Sorcery in Late Antiquity: Christian Redefinitions of Pagan Religions
—Valerie Flint