How to Make a Paranoid Laugh

François Roustang attacks the claims that psychoanalysis makes to scientific method and the production of objective theory.

How to Make a Paranoid Laugh
Or, What Is Psychoanalysis?

François Roustang. Translated by Anne C. Vila

1999 | 208 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $28.95
Cultural Studies | Psychology
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Table of Contents


1. Nobody
2. Uncertainty
3. The Effectiveness of Psychoanalysis
4. On the Epistemology of Psychoanalysis
5. The Laboratory of Cruelty
6. The Components of Freud's Style
7. On Transference Neurosis
8. Pedagogue or Mystagogue
9. Transmitting Anxiety
10. On the End of Analysis and Self-Hypnosis as a Cure
11. In Certain Cases
12. The Cure
13. Condition of Liberty
14. What Does it Mean to Be a Psychoanalyst?
15. Dream, Imagination, Reality