Eve's Journey

Eve's Journey
Feminine Images in Hebraic Literary Tradition

Nehama Aschkenasy

1987 | 288 pages | Cloth $49.95
Literature | Religion
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Table of Contents


1. The Mutation Feminine Otherness: A Historical Overview
—The Testimony of the Ancient Documents
—The Mutation of Feminine Otherness in Modern Hebrew Literature
2. Evil, Sex, and the Demonic
—Eve and the "Strange Woman" the Bible and Midrash
—Lilith in Person and in Disguise: Woman as Obstacle to Redemption
—Modern Incarnations of Eve and Lilith
3. The Empty Vessel: Woman as Mother
—Motherhood and History: The Ancient Ruth and Her Modern Namesake
—Sons and Mothers: The Dialectical Relatioship
4. Women and Oppression
—Women and the Patriarchal System
—Male Tyranny and Women's Sexuality
5. Female Strategy
—Tricksters and Wise Women
—From Wisdom to Fury
—Dissociation of the Self
—Retreat into the Feminine Sphere
—The "Jewess" and Outside Oppression

A Selected Bibliography