Beyond Kinship

"Skillfully edited by Joyce and Gillespie, the volume Beyond Kinship illustrates the breadth of investigations into history, people, and place that Lévi Strauss's formulation makes possible."—Current Anthropology

Beyond Kinship
Social and Material Reproduction in House Societies

Edited by Rosemary A. Joyce and Susan D. Gillespie

2000 | 280 pages | Cloth $65.00 | Paper $24.95
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Table of Contents

Contents and Contributors
—Clark E. Cunningham
Opening Up the House: An Introduction
—Susan D. Gillespie
Lévi-Strauss: Maison and Société Maisons
—Susan D. Gillespie
Toponymic Groups and House Organization Among the Nahuas of Northern Veracruz, Mexico
—Alan R. Sandstrom
Transformations of Nuu-chah-nulth Houses
—Yvonne Marshall
Temples as "Holy Houses": The Transformation of Ritual Architecture in Traditional Polynesian Societies
—Patrick V. Kirch
The Continuous House: A View from the Deep Past
—Ruth Tringham
Maya "Nested Houses": The Ritual Construction of Place
—Susan D. Gillespie
The Tanimbarese Tavu: The Ideology of Growth and the Material Configurations of Hierarchy in an Indonesian Society
—Susan McKinnon
House, Place, and Memory in Tana Toraja (Indonesia)
—Roxana Waterson
Heirlooms and Houses: Materiality and Social Memory
—Rosemary A. Joyce