The Cistercian Evolution

Reveals the true story behind the growth of the Cistercian order.

The Cistercian Evolution
The Invention of a Religious Order in Twelfth-Century Europe

Constance Hoffman Berman

2000 | 408 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $26.50
History | Religion
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Table of Contents

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1. Twelfth-Century Narratives and Cistercian Mythology
2. Charters, "Primitive Documents," and Papal Confirmations
3. From Citeaux to the Invention of a Cistercian Order
4. Charters, Patrons, and Communities
5. Rewriting the History of Cistercians and Twelfth-Century Religious Reform

1. Chronological Summary
2. "Primitive Documents" Manuscripts: Contents and Provenance
3. Southern-French Cistercian Abbeys by Province and Diocese
4. Calixtus II Documents from 1119 and 1120
5. Restored 1170 Letter from Alexander III

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