Mastering Wartime

A pioneering study of a Northern city during the Civil War that challenges the long-held belief that the War was a "second American Revolution."

Mastering Wartime
A Social History of Philadelphia During the Civil War

J. Matthew Gallman

2000 | 368 pages | Paper $27.50
History | American History
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Filling the ranks
3. Kinfolk at war: Philadelphians' responses to death and separation
4. Old rituals for new causes: Civic celebration at war
5. Help from the home front: Wartime voluntarism in Philadelphia
6. The Great Sanitary Fair of 1864: Exercise in civic voluntarism
7. Preserving the peace: Order and disorder
8. Soldiers in the city: The military challenge to public order
9. Philadelphia's workers in wartime
10. The fortunes of war: The Civil War and Philadelphia's manufacturing development
11. The economic life of wartime Philadelphia
12. Winners and losers: The R. G. Dun credit reports
13. Conclusion: Toward the Centennial City

Appendix: The R. G. Dun data