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In addition to the new hardcover and ebook releases, the Penn Press spring 2015 list includes many first-time paperbacks, among them: The Sabermetric Revolution; Ellis Island Nation; Enchantment; Lost Letters of Medieval Life; Shakespeare's Shrine; Early African American Print Culture; Internationalism in the Age of Nationalism; and American Marriage.

Jews and Modernity

Larry Silver, Editor

2001 | 80 pages | Paper $27.50
Fine Arts | Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Curators' Acknowledgments

Transformation: Jews and Modernity An Introduction
Diaspora, Nostalgia, and the Universal: Conditions of Modern Jewish Artists
A Feminine Geography: Place and Displacement in Jewish Women's Art of the Twentieth Century
Marketing Identities: Works on Paper in Fin-de-Siecle Berlin
The Art of New York's Jews: A Delicate Lesson
Works in the Exhibition