Electing the President, 2000

"A fascinating post-mortem on the 2000 contest. Veterans of the campaign share the ideas and intensions behind their strategies and reflect on the successes, failures, and 'might have beens.'"—Political Studies

Electing the President, 2000
The Insiders' View

Edited by Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Paul Waldman

2001 | 240 pages | Paper $28.95
Political Science | American History
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Making Sense of the 2000 Election

1. Matthew Dowd and Fred Steeper
2. Carter Eskew and Bob Shrum
3. Stanley Greenberg
4. Kathleen Frankovic
5. Mark McKinnon
6. Lionel Sosa
7. Bill Knapp
8. Alex Castellanos
9. Karl Rove