First City

Covering more than two centuries of social, economic, and political change, and offering a challenging, innovative approach to urban as well national history, First City tells the Philadelphia story through the wealth of material culture its citizens have chosen to preserve.

First City
Philadelphia and the Forging of Historical Memory

Gary B. Nash

2001 | 392 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $26.50
American History
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Making History Matter

Ch. 1. Pieces of the Colonial Past
Ch. 2. Recalling a Commercial Seaport
Ch. 3. The Revolution's Many Faces
Ch. 4. A New City for a New Nation
Ch. 5. A City in Flux
Ch. 6. Reforming Philadelphia
Ch. 7. In Civil War and Reconstruction
Ch. 8. Workshop of the World, Schoolhouse of History
Ch. 9. Restoring Memory

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