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From Latin to Portuguese
Historical Phonology and Morphology of the Portuguese Language

Edwin B. Williams

1962 | Second Edition
331 pages | Cloth $79.95
Languages | Philology and Linguistics
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Table of Contents

—Vulgar Latin
—Portuguese Orthography

—Tonic Vowels
—Pretonic Vowels
—Final Vowels
—Secondary Tonic
—Posttonic Penult
—Intertonic Vowels
—Initial Short Consonants
—Initial Consonant Groups
—Intervocalic Short Consonants
—Intervocalic Long Consonants
—Medial Consonant Groups
—Final Consonants
—General Phonological Phenomena
—Sporadic Changes

—General Phenomena of Verbal Inflexion
—Tense Endings
—Radical-changing Verbs
—Unclassified Verbs

Selective Bibliography