Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11

Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11
Facsimile Reissue of Original Reports Published 1958-1961

Edwin M. Shook, William R. Coe, Robert F. Carr, and others

1986 | 432 pages | Cloth $39.00
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Table of Contents


1. Field Director's Report: The 1956 and 1957 Seasons
—Edwin M. Shook
2. Excavations in the Stela 23 Group
—William R. Coe and Vivial L. Bronman
3. The Problem of Abnormal Stela Placements at Tikal and Elsewhere
—Linton Slatterthwaite
4. Five Newly Discovered Carved Monuments at Tikal and New Data on Four Others
—Linton Slatterthwaite
5. Tikal: Numeration, Terminology, and Objectives
—Edwin M. Shook and William R. Coe
6. The Carved Wooden Lintels of Tikal
—William R. Coe, Edwin M. Shook, and Linton Slatterthwaite
7. Temple I (Str. 5D-1): Post-Constructional Activities
—Richard W. W. Adams and Aubrey S. Trik
8. Miscellaneous Investigations: Excavation Near Fragment 1 of Stela 17, with Observations on Stela P34 and Miscellaneous Stone 25; Excavation of Stela 25, Fragment 1; Excavation of Stela 27; Excavation of Stela 28, Fragment 1
—Linton Slatterthwaite, Vivian L. Broman, and William A. Haviland
9. The Mounds and Monuments of Xutilha, Peten, Guatemala
—Linton Slatterthwaite
10. The Abandonment of Primicias by Itza of San Jose, Guatemala, and Socotz, British Honduras
—Ruben E. Reina
11. Map of the Ruins of Tikal, El Peten, Guatemala
—Robert F. Carr and James E. Hazard