"The sexualizing of race and the racializing of sex have shaped U.S. society in powerful and destructive ways. Lemire's brief, well-researched, and thoughtful book illustrates how key components of this protean process became part of the worldview of nineteenth-century white society."—Choice

Making Race in America

Elise Lemire

2002 | 216 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $24.95
Cultural Studies | American History | African-American Studies/African Studies
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Table of Contents

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Introduction: The Rhetorical Wedge Between Preference and Prejudice
1. Race and the Idea of "Preference" in the New Republic: The Port Folio Poems About Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings
2. The Rhetoric of Blood and Mixture: Cooper's "Man Without a Cross"
3. The Barrier of Good Taste: Avoiding A Sojourn in the City of Amalgamation in the Wake of Abolitionism
4. Combating Abolitionism with the Species Argument: Race and Economic Anxieties in Poe's Philadelphia
5. Making "Miscegenation": Alcott's Paul Frere and the Limits of Brotherhood After Emancipation
Epilogue: "Miscegenation" Today