Lives in Translation

"A sophisticated and sympathetic portrayal of the 'dynamic tensions' faced by second-generation British Sikhs coming of age in Thatcherite Britain of the late 1980s and early 1990s. . . . An accessible book that can profitably be read by anthropologists, educators, and all those concerned with issues of citizenship and ethnic pluralism in modern nation-states."—Anthropos

Lives in Translation
Sikh Youth as British Citizens

Kathleen D. Hall

2002 | 272 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $27.50
Anthropology | Education
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction: A Different Immigration Story
2 From Subjects to Citizens
3 The Politics of Language Recognition
4 "Becoming like Us"
5 Mediated Traditions
6 "You Can't Be Religious and Be Westernized"
7 "There's a Time to Act English and a Time to Act Indian"
8 Consciousness, Self-Awareness, and the Life Path
Epilogue: An Unfinished Story

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