From Boys to Men

"The book . . . will find a broad audience. It would work well in the classroom. . . . Effectively combating the nonspecialist's view of the Middle Ages as a monolithic and static society, it will encourage more subtle thinking about gender identities in the past and in the present.—American Historical Review

From Boys to Men
Formations of Masculinity in Late Medieval Europe

Ruth Mazo Karras

2002 | 256 pages | Cloth $75.00 | Paper $24.95
History | Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents

1. Masculinities, Youth, and the Late Middle Ages
2. Mail Bonding: Knights, Ladies, and the Proving of Manhood
3. Separating the Men from the Beasts: Medieval Universities and Masculine Formation
4. Masters and Men: Independence and Urban Craft Workers
5. Becoming a Man