Jewish Russians

Based on extensive fieldwork, Jewish Russians examines a population in crisis, in a city in crisis, in a state in crisis. Sascha Goluboff examines in depth a single community and the conflicts and struggles—sometimes physically violent ones—over control of its synagogue. She charts the demise of the elderly Russian Jewish community and the rise of a transnational one.

Jewish Russians
Upheavals in a Moscow Synagogue

Sascha L. Goluboff

2002 | 224 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $27.50
Anthropology | Religion
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Table of Contents

1. Fistfights at Morning Services
2. Georgian Meatballs and Russian Kolbasa
3. Renovating the Small Hall
4. The Savage in the Jew
5. The Madman and His Mission to Unite the Sephardim