Unveiling Eve

"Rosen wears her vast learning lightly and well. She brings to bear on the texts an enormous erudition in the various genres of Hebrew writing from medieval Spain which served as intertextual web for the poetry as well as Arabic literature, Latin and medieval European Romance literatures, and even the early European novel."—Daniel Boyarin, University of California, Berkeley

Unveiling Eve
Reading Gender in Medieval Hebrew Literature

Tova Rosen

2003 | 280 pages | Cloth $65.00
Literature | Women's Studies/Gender Studies | Religion
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Table of Contents


1 No-Woman's-Land: Medieval Hebrew Literature and Feminist Criticism
2 Gazing at the Gazelle: Woman in Male Love Lyric
3 Veils and Wiles: Poetry as Woman
4 Poor Soul, Pure Soul: The Soul as Woman
5 Domesticating the Enemy: Misogamy in a Jewish Marriage Debate
6 Among Men: Homotextuality in the Maqama
7 Clothes Reading: Cross-Dressing in the Maqama
8 Circumcised Cinderella: Jewish Gender Trouble