Selling Style

"Schorman demonstrates in this readable study of 1890s U.S. society how fashion—which he defines as clothing everyone wears and the symbolic system connected to its choice—reflects the cultural dynamics caused by rapid social change and remnants of past attitudes."—Choice

Selling Style
Clothing and Social Change at the Turn of the Century

Rob Schorman

2003 | 224 pages | Cloth $55.00
American History
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Table of Contents

Introduction. The Influence of Clothes

One. A Ready-Made Look: Men's Clothing
Two. What to Wear and How to Make It: Women's Clothing
Three. Will Women Ever Dress Like Men? Dress, Darwinism, and Sex Differentiation
Four. Real Americans Wear Real American Machine-Made Garments: Clothing and Citizenship
Five. The Truth About Good Goods: Ad Experts, Clothiers, and the Language of Advertising
Conclusion. Fitness and Unfitness in Dress