The Evolution of International Human Rights

The Evolution of International Human Rights
Visions Seen

Paul Gordon Lauren

2003 | 416 pages | Paper $34.95
Political Science | History
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Visions and Visionaries

1. My Brother's and Sister's Keeper: Visions and the Birth of Human Rights	
—Religious Visions
—Philosophical Visions
—Traditional Practices and Ideas of a Very Different Sort
—Visions and Reality
2. To Protect Humanity and Defend Justice: Early International Efforts
—To Free the Enslaved
—To Assist the Exploited
—To Care for the Wounded
—To Protect the Persecuted
3. Entering the Twentieth Century: World Visions, War, and Revolutions
—Ferment and the Anticipation of Rights
—World War, Revolutions, and Rights
—Peacemaking and Human Rights
—The Covenant: Rights Proclaimed and Rights Rejected
4. Opportunities and Challenges: Visions and Rights Between the Wars
—A Flourishing of Visions
—Opportunities for New Departures
—Challenges of Old Problems
—The Gathering Storm
5. A "People's War": The Crusade of World War II
—War, Genocide, and Self-Reflections
—Crusaders, Visions, and Proposals
—Human Rights and National Sovereignty in Postwar Planning
—Opposition from the Great Powers
6. A "People's Peace": Peace and a Charter with Human Rights
—Insisting on a Peace with Rights
—Politics and Diplomacy at the San Francisco Conference
—The Charter of the United Nations
—Differing Reactions and Assessments
7. Proclaiming a Vision: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
—The Revolution Begins
—Challenging Questions of Philosophy
—Difficult Problems of Politics
—The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
8. Transforming Visions Into Reality: The First Fifty Years of the Universal Declaration
—Extending Rights and Setting Standards
—Protecting Rights Through Implementation
—Promoting Rights
—Enhancing Rights and Expanding Activities
9. The Continuing Evolution
—International Criminal Law and Challenges to Sovereignty
—Globalization, Non-State Actors, and Terrorism
—Human Rights NGOs
—Technology and Political Will
10. Toward the Future
—The Nature and Power of Visions
—People of Vision and Action
—Events of Consequence
—Process, Politics, and Perspective

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights