Jewish Magic and Superstition

A classic treatise, available now for the first time in paperback, on the folk beliefs of the Jews, with a new introduction by arguably the most important contemporary scholar of Jewish mysticism.

Jewish Magic and Superstition
A Study in Folk Religion

Joshua Trachtenberg. Foreword by Moshe Idel

2004 | 392 pages | Paper $24.95
Religion | Anthropology
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Moshe Idel

I. the Legend of Jewish Sorcery
II. The Truth Behind the Legend
III. The Powers of Evil
IV. Man and the Demons
V. The Spirits of the Dead
VI. The Powers of Good
VII. "In the Nature of . . ."
VIII. The Bible in Magic
IX. The Magical Procedure
X. Amulets
XI. The War with the Spirits
XII. Nature and Man
XIII. Medicine
XIV. Divination
XV. Dreams
XVI. Astrology

Appendix I. The Formation of Magical Names
Appendix II. Ms Sefer Gematriaot on Gems

Abbreviations and Hebrew Titles
Glossary of Hebrew Terms