Hebraica Veritas?

"Superb. . . The contributors probe the degree of positive interactions between Jews and Christian and also uncover heretofore-hidden Jewish contributions to the Western intellectual tradition."—Choice

Hebraica Veritas?
Christian Hebraists and the Study of Judaism in Early Modern Europe

Edited by Allison P. Coudert and Jeffrey S. Shoulson

2004 | 328 pages | Cloth $69.95
History | Religion
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Table of Contents

—David B. Ruderman

1 Introduction
—Allison P. Coudert and Jeffrey S. Shoulson

2. Polemic and Exegesis: The Varieties of Twelfth-Century Hebraism
Michael A. Signer
3. Man as the "Possible" Entity in Some Jewish and Renaissance Sources
—Moshe Idel
4. Jews, Humanists and the Reappraisal of Pagan Wisdom Associated with the Ideal of the Dignitas Hominis
—Fabrizio Lelli
5. The Mechanics of Christian-Jewish Intellectual Collaboration in Seventeenth-Century Provence: N.-C. Fabri de Peiresc and Salomon Azubi
—Peter N. Miller
6. John Selden's De Jure Naturali . . . Juxta Disciplinam Ebraeorum and Religious Toleration
—Jason P. Rosenblatt
7. Censorship, Editing, and the Reshaping of Jewish Identity: The Catholic Church and Hebrew Literature in the Sixteenth Century
—Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin

8. Skepticism and Conversion: Jews, Christians, and Doubters in Sefer ha-Nizzahon
—Ora Limor and Israel Jacob Yuval
9. Reassessing the "Basel-Wittenburg Conflict": Dimensions of the Reformation-Era Discussion of Hebrew Scholarship
—Stephen G. Burnett
10. Polemical Ethnographies: Descriptions of Yom Kippur in the Writings of Christian Hebraists And Jewish Converts to Christianity in Early Modern Europe
—Yaacov Deutsch
11. The "Jewish Quaker": Christian Perceptions of Sabbatai Zevi as an Enthusiast
—Michael Heyd
12. Colliding Visions: Jewish Messianism and German Scholarship in the Eighteenth Century
—Nils Roemer
13. Five Seventeenth-Century Christian Hebraists
—Allison P. Coudert

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